A student who has attended another college must be in good standing financially, academically, and in all other areas with the college(s) attended to be admitted to Point.

All students can APPLY ONLINE.

Transfer students with more than 24 semester hours of college credit are not required to submit a high school transcript or test scores unless the admission committee specifically requests these items. Students must submit transcripts from all prior institutions*. A student with less than 24 semester hours of credit should submit all prior transcripts with their high school transcript and SAT or ACT test scores.

Students must submit one of the following: The Spiritual Reference Form (En Espanol) filled out by a non-family member in a position of spiritual leadership OR a personal spiritual reference form completed by the student.

*Students may transfer credits to Point** for relevant courses with C-minus or higher grades. The amount of credit you can transfer from other institutions varies according to your chosen degree program.

**From institutions accredited as degree-granting by a regional accrediting body for higher education at the time the coursework was completed. Credits from colleges that are accredited by other accrediting bodies, as recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, are considered on a case-by-case basis. Credits from non-accredited colleges are not transferred.